Web Development Services

We believe in a 100% success rate. We continue development until you are happy and that is why we are sure we you will be stratified. We design elegant, cost effective websites of an international standard and easy to browse. We have expertise in custom built web application development at latest technologies at optimal rates. We design company’s name, logo, typeface, colors and slogan to create corporate identity like everyone has a name and a unique identity.


We have expertise in WordPress, world’s famous Content management system. We develop WordPress websites, themes and plug-in for our valuable clients to assist them in boost their value and market around the globe. WordPress is best for small businesses, online stores and institutional cost effective websites. You can easily convey your message to users.


Drupal is another content management platform and supported the millions of websites and applications around the globe. We have skilled in development of drupal based websites, themes and plug-in. We have professional faculty which make your site more comprehensive and easy to understand logic of your platform and your purpose belongs to your platform.


Magento is one of the most well known object oriented PHP Framework that is being used for development of modern, dynamic web applications that tap into Magento’s powerful eCommerce features. We have developed and delivered a number of Magento based web applications and eCommerce sites to our valuable customer.


E-Commerce is a way to enhance market of your Quality products or services beyond the boundaries business. Our team has delivered a number of e-Commerce sites to our valuable customers. We have expertise in os-Commerce, woo-Commerce, Virtu-Mart, Open-Cart based online store which are secure, user friendly and attractive websites and web applications.


We have efficient team dealing with the Yii projects which is an open source, object oriented and component based application framework.


Zend is a highly powerful open source framework. We also manage the support of zend applications in latest versions of PHP6 which makes your project creative and interesting.


Zen cart is a PHP based online store management system. We have been working on it for last five years. The e-commerce websites developed by us are generating revenue for our valued customers.


Symphony is prominent among well-known content management systems. Our team has an experience of developing symphony based websites and application sasd.


Laravel is one of the most used frameworks for development of PHP based web applications and we have already made several kinds of projects in this framework.


Joomla is an award winning PHP based content management system. We have websites, web applications and e-commerce (shopping cart and virtue mart) developed using Joomla 2.5, 3.0 and 3.2.


We design and develop phalconPHP MVC applications, multi module and micro applications. PhalconPHP is the fastest framework and applications based on it are more understandable.


We have expertise in visual studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and desktop applications like windows forms and WPF, ASP.NET web forms MVC3 MVC4 websites and web applications, web derives, RDLC and Crystal Reporting, windows mobile phone development.

C sharp

C# is a purely object oriented language for developing both web and desktop projects. We are skilled in C# language to use in ASP.NET web forms and MVC for websites and web applications, windows form and WPF for desktop applications.

MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL server is popular for relatively larger data handling, data security and high range of built in functionalities which makes it easier to handle for our clients. We use MS SQL for our .NET based websites, web applications and desktop applications.

My SQL Server

My SQL is a cost effective, reliable and scalable database for both web based and embedded database applications. We use My SQL Database for PHP core, Content management systems, ASP.NET, windows form applications, web form applications, WPF applications.


Java is a concurrent, class based object oriented language designed with an intention to let the application developers “write once, run anywhere.” We have a few successful Java projects in our portfolio.


JavaScript is a lightweight, cross platform, interpreted, object oriented language which makes your platform user friendly. It also protects your website from unauthorized access. Our team has an ability to develop JavaScript code snipped to handle user interaction with the application on client’s system.


AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on client side for asynchronous web applications. Data is interchanged between browser and server without any change in display and behavior of the page. Our team uses AJAX in both ASAP.NET, PHP content management systems, PHP, Java websites and applications.


jQuery is the library of javascript which is lightweight, cross platform, interpreted, object oriented language client side scripting language for web. It supports all type of web browser. It will make easy to use your platform for the user; Our Team has ability to develop JavaScript code snipped to handle User interaction with the application on clients system.


AJAX is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on client side for asynchronous web applications. Data is interchanged between browser and server without any change in display and behavior of the page. Our team uses AJAX in both ASAP.NET, PHP content management systems, PHP Java websites and applications.


The fifth standard of markup language is HTML5 for structuring and presenting content with the worldwide web. Pure team has used this new version in various websites and web applications.

Web Site Design

We develop elegant, user friendly, comprehensive, sell explanatory websites and web application designs at a reasonable price. You can convey your message strongly if the website is designed perfectly and we know it.


Cascading Style Sheet is a style sheet language which is used to describe the look and formatting of HTML markup language. The seerox has experts of CSS3 to design and develop responsive websites and applications.

Logo Design

At seerox the logos are designed by keeping the theme and company orientation in mind. We use latest professional tools to design the logos.

Banner Design

We manufacture elegant banners for web applications and websites by keeping in mind the theme of your product. Web layout is designed in accordance with your web-application.

Plugin Development

At the Seerox we develop many plug-in for different applications of our valuable customers. We drive plug-ins in different languages such as JQuery, WordPress etc.

Print Media

The Seerox used print media to make your design quite concise and well understood. The design of your product is executed according to your need whether it’s a graphic design, business card, logo design or corporate identity design.

Theme Development

Our team also generates many themes for our valued customers. Theme is the physical appearance of your product. It determines if your product is enough fine looking and worth gazing. We develop themes bestowing your requisites and demands.

3D Modeling

The seerox is highly skilled in 3D graphics and designs which makes your product more appealing for the user. We develop your logos, symbols and several manipulating graphics with 3D.

Image Processing

Image processing is the key feature which formulated your product pretty creative. A handsome choice of images by the Seerox enhances the quality of your product.