Backend Development

Seerox builds extensible on-premise and cloud-based back-end solutions for mobile, web, desktop, and IoT systems that scale together with your growing business needs. Our back-end development team has 10 years of experience in providing efficient back-end solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client.

General Questions

How quickly can we start the project?

It depends on project requirements and developers’ availability. In general, our team gets your project started in 1-2 weeks after you first contact us.

What is the difference between frontend and backend development?

 Frontend development is concerned with the design and layout of the website or application, while backend development involves creating the server-side components, managing databases, and handling server requests.

About Us

Seerox is one of top affordable web development company in Faisalabad, Pakistan established in 2013 where we refine technologies that improve lives while developing detail processes of custom web design for small-large businesses. Transform your ideas into reality.


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